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KTM’s latest bread-and-butter adventure motorcycle it the manufacturer’s answer to Honda’s CRF1000L Africa Twin and they’ve improved on the tried and true formula of Adventures past. Ultimate Motorcycling has published a list of twelve KTM 1090 Adventure R facts that shoppers need to know.

1. The 1190 Adventure R will be replaced by the 1090 Adventure R and KTM has focused more on off-road performance with their latest model. Engine displacement numbers may have gone down a substantial 145cc, but its compression ratio has been increased from 12.5:1 to 13.0:1.

2. There’s still plenty of power with a smaller displacement engine and with less reciprocating mass, the 1090 will have a lighter feel and better handling. Propelling the bike is 125 horsepower and 80 ft-lbs of torque.

3. Even with a full tank, the 1090 Adventure R only weighs 507 pounds, making it the lightest adventure bike in its class.

4. Suspension is off-road ready and the WP PDS rear shock’s damping and bottoming resistance will be able to handle most holes you find. The spring rate on the 48mm WP inverted fork has seen an increase to 6.5kg and the 8.7 inches of travel should be enough to clear most tree roots.

5. Factory 18”/21” wheels and Continental TKC 80 knobby ADV tires are ready for the dirt.

6. Offroad ABS setting is good for both on and off-road riding.

7. There are four different electronic drive modes to choose from depending on the terrain and road conditions: Sport mode, Street mode, Rain mode and Off-road mode. Each mode will adjust the bike’s traction control and throttle response.

8. Deep sand washes are not a problem for the Adventure R that feels more like a 450cc bike.

9. Plenty of touring potential with a six gallon tank.

10. Footpegs, handlebar, and windscreen can be adjusted to suit a variety of rider body types.

11. For serious off-road riders, investing in pieces like a reinforced skid-plate and ultra-wide rally foot-pegs may be a good idea.

12. It’s affordable with a tempting price tag of US $14,102.
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