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Hosted by Red Bull every year, the Romaniacs Extreme is a race that takes place over the span of five days. First created in 2004, the Romaniacs has since become the world’s most challenging Hard Enduro Rallye. Riders from over 40 countries take part annually.

Maneuvering over fallen logs, through breathtaking wilderness and steep inclines/declines, one would assume the bike of choice would be a light one, but Gold Class Romaniacs veteran Chris Birch decided to go with the KTM 1090 Adventure R.

Granted he took on the Iron class track, which is much easier than the Gold, but still a challenge nonetheless. And attempting to take on the more challenging trail with a 456 lbs (dry weight) big bike would be a suicide mission. Sure, some parts like lights and luggage racks were removed to reduce the bike's over all weight, but no matter how capable the LC8 1,050 cc V-twin engine is, that 125 horsepower and 80 pound-feet of torque won’t help if the bike gets stuck or slide off the trail. The set of off-road Mitas tires can only help so much.

But why even attempt to race on a large KTM 1090 Adventure bike you may ask?

“Because I think it will be really good fun”, said Birch in an interview with RedBull. “My motivation is that I love Red Bull Romaniacs, it is my favourite race. I also really love riding the big KTM Adventure bikes. I was looking for a new challenge, so why not combine the two?”
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