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Went by my friend James' shop a few weeks ago to see what he could do for me in the comfort department. Dropped by today, picked it up and went for a 2hr ride...

Here's the results..

Man, what a difference a proper seat makes!

I never could quite tolerate that stock hump, so I first went with a seat concepts tall seat- no dice, couldn't reach the ground, plus their standard height model has a hump anyways. Decided to give the stock one another shot, lasted a couple of months before I thru in the towel.
So, told James exactly what I wanted (Firm, yet comfy with little change in height),
hit the marks perfectly.
I could ride all day and never complain, squirm around or get that too long in the saddle burning sensation. It's that good.
If your on the fence about a new seat, in my opinion there's no other choice.
Renazco Dual Sport Seats


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