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LONG journey back to the dirt for me. My last dirt bike was a ‘97 CR250 and I got rid of it in 2000 sometime. Bought a ‘95 R1100GS in ‘05 to test the adventure waters. Was NOT impressed by it’s off road capability. Gave that bike to my brother in law and he and his son are still running it. We started spending July - October in the Black Hills in ‘16 and I drooled every time I passed a gravel road/trailhead/etc. Thought I wanted the Africa Twin. It was not available, so I picked up a new ‘19 1090 this summer so I could explore the trails. VERY happy with the purchase but learned that my ambitions far exceeded my abilities. I started watching everything I could find on YouTube and haven’t seen someone ride one of these in the terrain I got myself into (steep washes with loose bowling ball sized rock...I would not have ventured into these messes 30 years ago). Didn’t drop the bike, avoided what seemed to be the inevitable heart attack (out of shape sea level guy operating over his head at 6,000+ feet), and have worked hard to steer clear of these entanglements after getting caught three times (no more single track [out here] for me). Learning to enjoy the gravel and forestry roads and trails (which can at times STILL get pretty technical). Learning to use my Gaia Maps. Learning to ride again. I’ve added rally pegs, Black Dog skid plate, USB power, MOSKO MOTO tank bag, SPOT location device, back pack with tool roll and hydration bladder, dry bag to carry tire repair equipment, rain gear, etc. Looking forward to learning what I can from some of you pros!
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