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Breaking in period revs

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Good afternoon all,

I'm new to this forum and new to KTM ownership.
After 3 years of riding my Suzuki VStrom 1000 ABS I felt the time had arrived to trade up and buy a bike I had always admired, so I bought a brand new KTM 1090R Adventure. Price was right and trade deal was fare.

So far so good, better bike, better build quality and a bit more rapid, all good so far.

One thing I would like to ask the forum. I'm still in the 600 mile breaking in period but the day after I bought the bike I took it out for it's first run to get those miles on the clock. Three times during the run i hit false neutrals lifting the revs above the 6500 limit hitting over 10K. This was accidental and quickly rectified by shutting off the throttle. False neutrals are not my worry, hit plenty of those in my time, my worry is have I caused some damage to the engine?

My gut says no, 3 moments lasting no more than a second shouldn't cause any issues but I thought I would run it past the experts.

Thanks, Walton18
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KTM dynos all their motors before they even put them on the bikes, so each motor has already been thru the paces. I seriously doubt you have done any damage.
Remember Demo bikes generally get ragged from the moment they are out the dealers door because nobody bothers breaking them in. I bought an ex Demo 990 Adventure and never had any issues (well apart from the normal things that always break on 990s)
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