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Desert Ride on a 1090

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Hi everybody

I am after some advice from experienced KTM 1090 owners and riders.

My friends and I are planning to ride straight through the center of Australia from the most Eastern part of Australia (Byron Bay) to the most western part (Steep Point in Western Australia) in the straightest line as possible, going through the Simpson Desert.

The Simpson Desert is one of the largest deserts in the world, the sand is so fine it’s like water,
Pick up a handful up and it just sieves through your fingers, extremely challenging in the deep soft sections on a larger dual sports bike.

My friends are riding the AJP PR7 600, which are a fantastic dual sports bike with an amazing power to weight ratio. They only weigh 165 kg wet, They think I'm not going to get through the desert on the 1090 due to the weight.

One hears many stories on the web where riders attempting the ride through the Simpson Desert on large dual sports bikes particular bike GS BMW’s start it and end up having to abort the ride due to the heavier Bikes unable to climb the dunes

My choice of bike is the KTM 1090. 207kg dry plus fuel, water, and gear 273kg plus my weight 95kg is a total of 367kg

Has anyone successfully ridden their 1090 through a desert loaded?

Would love the input from the forum.
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Never rode in such deep and fine sand so what I know comes from third party attempts at the Simpson Desert. I think a R 1200 GS managed to cross it, but they were packing very light and that includes fuel bladders and drinking water. Also, tyre pressures were kept around 12 psi in the sand.
This may be the ride of a lifetime. :D
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