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Failure engine 1090R with 2800km!!!

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Have somebody a problem with failure engine KTM1090R 2018 (2800km!!!)? When I was riding on trip to Slovenia, at once noise rumbling in engine (maybe gearbox) and engine turn off. Before this moment no mark to have problem was.
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I believe there was another Owner that had an engine failure around that millage or before and I believe he got a new bike.
I hope for new engine. It would br enough for me 😀
My 1090 is currently in the shop with an oil leak and possible bad fuel pump .... less than 200 miles on the clock. My confidence in KTM quality is a bit soiled right now, and these stories don't help ....
Hi mr. Otakar,

So, can You tell me what was the problem on Your bike?
I just buy a new KTM 1090 adv R and I am courious if the bike engine is reliable?


Best regards,
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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