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Heat issues

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Living in Arizona, the 1090 motor can put off a LOT of heat, almost painful. So, I did something about it
1) Exchanged the Super Duke insulated manifold for the original noninsulated 1090 factory manifold
2) Changed the muffler with a LeoVince pipe to uncork the exhaust, and what a sound, bad ass!
3) The best modification, by far, is to fit heat shields on both sides of the rear cylinder. These are made by BDCW and fit right onto the frame's hardware. I left the dealer and went on a 4
hour ride with no discomfort!!! I have eczema on my lower right leg, and on the test ride, the heat HURT, for two days!

Yet to do:
1) New Rottweiler air box version #3. Much better air flow, again to uncork the motor. Uncorking the air flow, intake to exhaust, yields a cooler motor, plus better performance.
2) More insulation under the seat.
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