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Hello from Haïfa, Israël

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Dear happy 1090 owners, I just joined the club. What a bike! A dream here on our beautiful twisty roads. Sold my X-adv, nice scooter/bike by the way. Was hesitating with the Africa Twin but I wanted tubeless tires and the engine, what an engine! Just had the first service done and it flies. I also own a Vespa 300 gts. Another story bit a great one also. Thank you and drive safely.

Oh and sorry I don’t have R version but the standard one. Hope you’ll keep me in the forum


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Welcome to the forum and congrats on the 1090! I've also been looking at the Africa Twin but still in the process of learning more about both bikes. Do you plan on doing any modifications to the bike, possible where you've found some shortcomings?
Hi Konnor and thank you. Almost 4000 kms after less than a month and nothing to complain about. Had the comfort seat as an option and I don’t regret it. So glad I haven’t bought the AT, power makes the difference and it’s light also. Dream of a bike!
2.5 days from north to south on bicycle... no need for motorcycle :)

hi from LA... left Haifa in 1991. great places to ride in north Israel.
Hii i am looking for a trailer for 1090 bike anyone have an idea which trailer is suitable for towing I have a GMC 5500 towing truck which we are using for Nyc Manhattan Towing Service, so i need a trailer for that, we need a reliable and durable trailer for that.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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