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Hello from Italy

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Hello friends, my name's Ferdinando, I'm Italian and i ride on ktm 1090 Adventure R since July 2017 and, at moment, it has 6.000 km.
Before of the 1090, i had a 950 Adventure for 14 years (from 2003 to 2017).

I'm also an administrator of lc8.org , the Italian community.

Great idea to have a dedicated forum for 1090.

Sorry for my english, is basic :crying:
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Welcome to the forum and your English is fine! HOW are you liking the 1090 compared to your old 950?
Hey Ferdinando, welcome to the forum! No worries about your English, we can understand you just fine. What prompted your upgrade to the 1090? Just wanted something newer than the 950 you were riding? Would love to hear about your impressions of it so far.
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