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Hello from Manitoba Canada

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Hey everyone, just picked up my 1090R last weekend. Very impressed in the small amount of Km's I have on it! Picked up the bash gaurd, heated grips, luggage and Akrapovic slip on. Of course there are more accessories to come! Need to mount a GPS but need to figure out what works good on and off road?
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Welcome to the forum and grats on the new 1090R! How are the trails in Manitoba?
Heard the Garmin Montana 650t is pretty good and there's a basic one for a bit less, but that big & bright touch-screen doesn't come cheap so you may be shelling out a couple hundred for one.
Congrats on the new 1090 and welcome to the forum Keith! Is this your first adventure bike? A lot of people seem to be transitioning over to them for the improved ergonomics.
The heated grips are sooooo nice!!
It’s just an amazing bike for sure.
Thanks for the welcome! I transitioned from a KLR650 with a ZX14 in between. The KTM 1090R just seemed to have everything the KLR was needing! More power, better suspension, highway adaptability. I am going to Check out the Garmin! Thanks for the note.
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