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Hello, and thank you, everyone, for the warm welcome.

My last dirt bike was a 1980 Honda CR80. So off-road experience is limited but I have no problem holding my own on the road with 15 years as an MSF instructor.

I did look at a lot of adventure (type) motorcycles before choosing the 1090, even demo'd a few. This will be my 13th bike over the last 3 decades as I now look to add adventure riding to my background.

I plan to do most of my own maintenance and having owned a Ducati 1098 for many years, I know how exotic bikes can be. In my former life, I was wrenched on aircraft for nearly 20 years so I have the technical background, knowledge, tools, and most of all Youtube. Oh and a service manual.

100 miles on the clock already, noticed the front tire is not seated on the bead all the way. At 40MPH, the front end hops, making you seasick. I plan to tune that up on my next day off.

I have always loved twin's VTR1000, Ducati 1098, and now the mighty LC8. I really liked the comradery of the Ducatista's so hopefully, I can find a group here in my area to goof around with.

Chris Birch is safe as I do not plan to jump my bike over boulders the size of cars, or wheelie up the side of a mountain. It is a very tall bike no doubt, but with some acclimation, I think I will be one of the riders able to ride a bigger adv bike well. That is the plan anyway.
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