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Hi all,

i just picked up my 1090 last week, been riding it to work and a little off road here an there and its been a lovely 6 to 31 degrees ever since i got it.........but i've been enjoying it

Little rider history, im 30 grew up racing was a local pro in motocross and harescrambles a few years back, now days mainly train kids in motocross, still ride dirt 1-2 times a week, besides my race bikes i spent the last 5 years on a heavily Modded DR650 which i love to death but after 40K miles of riding and racing dirt, mud, and sand shes no longer road worthy and i was ready for a more road oriented bike for transportation.

always looking for new riding buddies and i know the local riding holes. Anyway i've got a million question about this beast, look forward to talking with you all.
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