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Hello from Pittsburgh, PA, I'm new to KTM, new to Forum

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Hi All, Blane here from the suburbs of Pittsburgh, PA.

I have recently purchased a 2017 KTM 1090 Adventure R with only 137 miles. I sold my 2008 KLR 650 (awesome bike) and my custom 2002 DRZ 400 E with a Wiseco 440 kit, Baja Light kit and street legal (monster bike) to get this KTM.

My first impression was, "Damn, is this bike heavy." And I know that it's been trimmed down from the previous 1190 Adventure R - I can only imagine the beast that the 1190 must be.

Additionally, I find the stock seat extremely uncomfortable; it pitches me forward slightly and puts my package in a bunch. I have already ordered a replacement seat from KTM Twins, but of course it is on back order.

While I probably won't be doing much tight single track riding here is western PA, I am still planning on installing the high fender kit. I've never been fond of the that low fender look on a motorcycle that has dirt in its DNA.

I have read some of the complaints / issues on this forum and have experienced a few already. I have had (at 210 miles) an engine service light, which I gather was triggered by an internal schedule that prompts you to have the bike serviced at either the 2 year point or a km limit.
The dealer (DHY Motorsports, South Jersey) sent me a link to reset the schedule and clear the warning and symbol from the displays.

Generally it starts and rides well, although it took some time to get used to the fuel injection and the process of "flicking" the throttle as one writer suggested to avoid stalling the engine upon warm-up.

I look forward to sharing my experiences and hearing / reading more from everyone.

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Welcome - im in South Africa. Not new to KTM but recently bought a 1090 Adv R - love it. no issues so far. (8000km) on the clock....
Welcome! ‘18 with 48000km done. Not trouble free, but still best smile to mile ratio ever!
Lucky to call Cape Town home.
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