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Hi from Australia

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Hello from Australia

Have been pocessed and ridden bikes since I got my first Kawasaki 75 when I was. 8 years of age, I have now fallen in love with how well the modern adventure bike can morph road and off-road riding at such a high standard of both.

I’m planning to ride across Australia from the East coast to the West coast via the Simpson Desert with a couple of mates later this year, that's why my ADV bike choice is the 1090 with soft Mosko panniers.

My mates who are accompanying me will be riding AJP 650's. They think the 1090 I will be heavy and a struggle in the soft sand. They are unfortunately correct about the weight being my enemy.

I think the new 1090 has what it takes to get me through the desert. Nerb1 on youtube did it on his 1190,

I don’t own a 1090 yet, hoping to purchase my bike in the new year and to say l 'am obsessed with getting my 1090 is an understatement.
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I welcome,
Put on an exhaust Carbon and a lithium battery, and the 1090 reaches the 195 Kg, the lightest adventure bike, with a 125 Cv ont the market, very easy to drive on wild track, the real matter Is your height,
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