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Hi Everyone!
My name is Natan Dobossy, and I'm from Hungary!
I'm 31 years old, married, and father of 5. Started riding motorcycles as a kid, but because my parents don't let me by a real bike(just 50cc-s) my biking career started when I became 19. Then I got my driving license for motorcycles and started renting bikes for road trips once or twice a year. So I had an opportunity to try different type of bikes in various coutrys in Europe. Two years ago I decided to by my first own bike, and it was a brand new Suzuki Dl 650 Xt. It quickly became love at first ride. Since then we had almost 30.000 km-s and visited many countries in western, and eastern Europe.
Last year I did more-and-more off-road sections, and figured out, that the Dl is not the best solution for the type of riding I'd like off-road. So I went and tried out the KTM 1090. Ever since my first goal is to sell my V-Strom and by a 1090. It looks like this spring might be the one it'll happen...

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Those V-Stroms are awesome but can be quite boring. My friend owned one and while it didn't turn a lot of heads, he used it as a reliable commute to and from the city. When bike thefts spike, his didn't come close to being touched. Suzuki just need to do more for its aesthetics in my humble opinion.

This is my Dl right now.

For this kind of use, the 1090 is a better choice for sure.


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Welcome brother! Share your experience and impressions if you can. This forum will appreciate!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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