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New 1090 owner and new to the forum

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Hello All,

I am in the Pacific Northwest and just traded in my Africa Twin for a new 1090 Adv R. Looking forward to learning from other members experiences with the bike.

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I’m interested to hear your comparison between the 1090R and the AT.
Welcome from another PNW owner! I’m very curious to hear your comparison between the two bikes myself.
Hi G20,

Welcome to the forum. I’m also interested to hear your comparison between the 1090R and the AT.
Hey guys,

I just got the KTM a few weeks ago and still haven't racked on all of the break in miles yet. I put on about 10K miles on the Africa Twin, with a few week long plus Backcountry Discovery Route rides (WA and ID BDRs, along with the Vancouver Is section of the TCAT). I've done a fair bit of commuting on the bike as well.

I don't have much time in the saddle on the KTM, but here are some of my initial observations/comparisons:

* I only have a 30" inseam, so the KTM feels super tall compared to the Honda did.

* The Honda had absolutely zero issues and ran like a top all of the time. I bought my KTM with .5 miles on the odometer and it now has 498 easy miles on it. The bike does not start 90% of the time. It fires up, idles and then dies. It takes 4-6 starts to idle. The dealer told me, "KTMs do that. Their high performance machines." So high performance they don't start? I am trying to keep an open mind and see if it works itself out. This issue makes me crazy!! (looking for advice if you have any)

* The AT's suspension was very soft compared to this new bike, but I never had any issues with it on any of the BDR rides. The KTM feels like a scalpel, while the Honda felt more vague.

* I like my physical positioning on the KTM. I feel it puts me in a much more aggressive stance when standing. I imagine I will appreciate this when riding off road.

* The KTM is definitely more high spec than the Honda. The footpegs, suspension, wheels, spokes, tires, brakes, saddle material, sexy swing arm, etc is of a higher quality.

* One obvious thing is the power. The KTM definitely has WAY more power, especially north of 4,500 RPM. The Honda's motor may have felt smoother and more linear to me, especially down low though. The KTM almost feels like it's geared too tall in-between 3-4.5K RPM. I haven't had a chance to ride the KTM off road on anything technical yet though. Maybe this is only because I haven't had the saddle time on the new bike yet.

* The KTM seems sexier (if an adv bike can be?). People have come up to me and asked about the bike or given me a thumbs up more in the few weeks I've had the bike than the 2 years I had the Honda.

* I could do a tighter locked turn on the Honda than the KTM. It seemed to have a tighter turning radius.

* I liked the exhaust note on the Honda better, deeper throatier. Speaking of exhaust, the KTM cranks out some heat under the seat.

These are only things off the top of my head. I haven't had a chance to see how the different modes work off road yet. If you have a specific question you want answered, I'll give it my best shot. To be honest, the starting issue on the new bike really makes me mad. I know it's bad to say, but I start every ride kind of pissed because of it. Maybe they can do something about it during the 1st service. Don't worry though, once I'm going, I'm having a blast on the new 1090!


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The starting issue is a simple fix. When you start the bike immediately give it a little bit of throttle and hold for just a few seconds. Works for me almost every time.
Im sitting at 6000km's on the ODO and mine from cold still doesn't start the best. Its very temperamental on cold starts. Will be checking the valves over winter to see what the tolerance is. Also the drybreak connector from the pump to the bodies is garbage, replace with a metal one before the plastic breaks and leaves you stranded somewhere, thankfully mine broke in the garage. Other then that is an awesome bike and goes like a raped ape.
I’m assuming your screen name is in the same ballpark as mine lol and I just picked up my 1090 last weekend... I’m in love. I truly believe that our home th PNW I’m in northern Washington is one of the best adventure spots period. Just my opinion
Nice shot.
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