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k ive taken the plunge and placed a deposit on a 2019/18700miles 1090 Adventure.

How reliable are 1090s and how do they handle big miles? It'll be used ALOT. For instance I passed my bike test 3 months ago and I've already done 4,500miles (1500 on a European trip). The bike has had a full KTM fluids/valve clearances checked at 18,000 mile service.

It'll be used in Winter also.

Am I being a wimp for being slightly 'scared' of the bike? I've not ridden it yet but I'm thinking that maybe its just going to be an animal and too fast?

My first bike (current) is a Triumph Tiger 800.

My other choice was a nearly new Suzuki Vstrom 1050 but I don't think I'll stop, turn and look at it like I would the KTM and its nearly 40kgs heavier than the 1090. I don't want a heavy bike.
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