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New 1090r rider in the UK

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Morning all!

I just joined the forum, or rather just started to use it properly!

I bought my 2018 1090R a year ago and straight away did a 5000 mile trip to the Artic Circle mainly off road through Finland and Sweden. Used bits of the TET and stitched it in with other off road routes. The bike was faultless and I can’t think of any other bike that would have handled everything I threw at it better.

My bike is a 2018 R with:

Steering damper (I thought they were standard but someone tells me not)

Capra Anlas tyres (over 5000 miles on the rear, the front it still on after 7000).

KTM heated grips

Acerbis wrap around brush guards.

-1 tooth on the front sprocket.

Custom made alloy bash plate (cos I’m a cheap skate not because it’s any better)

Custom made left pannier rack ( a chopping board! Again cos I’m cheap)worked great!)

ABS/Off road dongle

O2 sensor delete (currently under review!)

Evap canister removed.

Custom made GPS/Phone mount (copied from a guy in Greece, sorry!).

GPR cheapie end can which is great.

That’s about it! It’s an amazing bike in fairness and I’m always amazed at it’s off road abilities. My other bike is a WR450 and it will go most places that will, the only thing it doesn’t like is very steep rocky descents! 😂

Thanks for the add and “Say NO to slow” 😉


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Welcome @Fin1090!
Its always great to see these bikes being put to work. Sounds like you plan on putting on a lot more miles and sooner than other owners.
Would be great to see other, not so fun stuff, like maintenance if you don't mind sharing.
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