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What’s up guys? Finally pulled the trigger on a like new 2019 1090r. First ride and I was really impressed on the power and how easy it was to handle even at slower speeds and corners. I come from dirtbikes so at first the loose chain wasn’t too noticeable, but after a couple of rides I found the rattling quite annoying so I check the chain tension and it showed 55mm of slack right in front of the triangle “chain guide”. Adjusted to about 45mm and still hear the rattle at low RPMs? Chain is somewhat dirty but well oiled and has only 6k kilometers on it. I feel like even at 45mm slack the chain seems pretty loose and I do get why they need to be loose, what are you guys doing?

Secondly, is the air filter a must change for dusty areas? I live in a city with 80% dirt and gravel roads so dust is pretty common. Or was the air filter gap only in the earlier models?

One thing I’ve been seeing quite a bit of is the advice to get a sidestand relocation kit because of how it is bolted on to the engine. I would only ever use that stand to park it, nothing else, everything else and the bike will get put on an mx style center stand. Any advice on this?

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