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After searching endlessly on forums & google for the perfect rear rack, this is where I ended up...

The Problem - Fitting Mosko Moto Reckless 80 Soft Panniers behind a pillion on a KTM 1090 Adventure R.
The Solution - A Custom Rack from B&B Offroad.

Wish List...
** 3 specific fixing points incorporated for the Mosko bags. For Solo. For Pillion. Plus intermediate points.
** Rotopax mounting points included.
** Numerous additional fixing options incorporated.

Firstly, I've gotta give a huge shout out to B&B Offroad. Primarily just for entertaining me with the idea of a custom rear rack. I am wrapped with the end result, and my solution may just be the answer to someone else's wish list as well. I am fortunate enough to have a bride who enjoys climbing on, and participating in the adventures. (Yes - I actually like mine) Our adventures have progressed over the decades from dirt bikes, through road bikes and now onto adventure bikes. The 1090 Adv R is just the ticket, and it's progressed to being my new favourite. The problem developed when I invested in a set of the Mosko Moto Reckless 80 soft panniers. I just couldn't find a rack with fixing points rearward enough to secure the bags and still leave room for a pillion. Of course we experimented with plywood extension plates , and a couple of rough metal frames. Each did half the job, but were never ideal, and overall they looked shit. This is when I reached out to B&B Offroad - just to see if they might consider one of my sketches. The first phone call was promising, so I emailed off a line sketch, asking them to add the 'B&B touch' to make it look right. Expecting the process could take months given their backlog, I was surprised a week or so later to receive a response. Not only a response, but a CAD detail was attached that looked great. I added a couple of extra ideas and an updated detail came back a few days later. For me - the design is perfect! Time will tell if it works perfect, but I am confident.

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