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Assuming you got the KTM toolkit with the bike?
Toss the bottle opener and helmet cable.
Add a small side cutter and longnose plier or a multitool.
Valve core removal tool and 12mm open spanner for valve nuts
Tyre repair kit with plugs, goo, CO² canisters etc.
Spare front tube with tyre levers and rim protector.
Spare fuses.
Small compressor that connects direct to battery, not to socket.
Bike jumper cables or battery pack....you will not push start her....ever.
Any water crossings planned...spark plug socket with extensions etc.
Tow strap.
Credit card and emergency cash
Sense of humour.

Obviously if there are more people on this trip you balance out the bigger and heavier stuff.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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