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Updated review after 2,000 miles on the 1090

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I'm loving this bike more and more. I figured it would be good to put together an update video now that I've had the chance to ride it for a longer period of time and in a wider variety of conditions. Happy to report still performing excellently.

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Great review and holy cow that service was so expensive. Costs more than my car inspection...
Not too many problems aside from the fuel pump, otherwise the 1090 sounds like an exceptional bike.
I've watched a few of your videos. I am glad you are enjoying your 1090R. I drove 4 hours to purchase one today. 45 miles from home, dead in the water. $200 towing bill. Would not crank or start after fueling up. All lights, horn, etc. are fine. On about the 5th try to start, the screen started displaying "Service".
I had picked the 1090R (2018) over the African Twin. Wondering if I made a big mistake. 1.5 hours to the nearest KTM dealer.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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